Our Story

Why I started United Property Maintenance!

As for having a 20 plus year career in the government sector I still saw a need for a specialized full service cleaning industry company. I looked at residences, commercial busineses and parking lots and saw too much mildew, webs, trash, weeds, landscape debris, and much more. I saw many companies doing inadequate work by leaving areas unfinished because a landscaper trims bushes but will not pick up trash. I saw a window cleaner, clean windows but leave cob-webs on the corners because that’s not part of their job.

We want to give our customers great finished work for the right price. My company will work with you and your budget to get the work done. If we can take a few things off your list we will, and we can come back a few months later when your budget allows and finish the rest. I want to build trust and long term relationships with our customers because we work off repeat customers and referrals.

We want to see your property look its best which means if you hire United Property Maintenance to soft wash your roof, and there’s a fallen tree branch on your roof we will remove it to keep your roof damage free. We will never overlook something just because it’s not our job, we are always looking for damage or preventative maintenance and will tell our customers of any issues that arise. This way we can correct the damage or prevent it, and save our customers from extreme damages and costly repairs.

We want your commercial business to reap the benefits of preventative maintenance. United Property Maintenance will make sure your business is in tip top shape and ready for the workweek. We want to keep your customers and employees safe so we will make it our job to look for or prevent any safety concerns and correct them in a timely manner. Our commercial businesses can depend on our emergency services 24/7 because we want to be there for our customers no matter what time of the day it is.


What We Do

Every property needs a behind the scenes professional company. It needs a company with expertise to keep it clean, long lasting, and curb appeal friendly. United Property Maintenance is proud and ready to be that company that takes your residence or commercial business to the next level. We provide commercial and residential clean up services with solutions that are effective and efficient to the residents of Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties.

When you choose United Property Maintenance for your property’s needs, you aren’t just getting a generic service. You’re getting a customized solution that is tailored to ensure that you’re home or business can be at its best, Today and years to come.

We value the unique nature of every customer, and we’ll work with you to make sure that your property gets the attention it needs. We treat your property like the investment it is. Experience superior service that always works on your schedule call United Property Maintenance and experience the best!

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